Verification tools


Software with a great set of verification tools can be a huge help to quickly producing programs that are reliable and error free.

As you would expect, Alphatech's chosen software package for machining gives us some excellent verification tools.Cutter path

As soon as the cutter path has been created we can visualise the cutter travelling along this path either from beginning to end, at any speed or we can 'attach' the cutter (with the shank and chuck) to any point along the path and track backwards or forwards along the cutter path at any speed. This gives us a great first check for things like direction of travel etc.

Once we have one or more cutter paths we can also run these programs on a virtual block of material. This block is not limited to a rectangle or cylinder. It can be any shape. It can be imported from modelling software as a triangulated file (eg: STL)  or saved from a previous machining operation.Rainbow

Once running, the software will show us a real-time simulation of the material removal with read-outs of the removal rates and warnings of excess loading.

Various different options are available, for example: 

  • The option of  'painting' the model at any stage to visualise the area that the next cutter is machining. 
  • An option to use rainbow shading that uses a different colour for each cutter. vm
  • An option to use a different colour showing the cutter travelling in different directions.
  • And a shiny option to simulate the look of machined steel  (This can even be set to simulate any machining marks that may occur on the machined item).
Once the simulation has finished the result can be viewed from all angles and zoomed into to make sure that it will machine correctly.


Special considerations for electrodes


When machining electrodes it is vitally important to make sure that all the form is machined to size and that NO EXCESS material is left on!

Any excess material or sparking form that is left un-machined will, of course, remove too much material from the die block (or whatever is being spark eroded). This will mean repair work or even a scrapped job.

Our software enables us to export the virtual workpiece after simulation and import this back into the modelling software to overlay it and compare it to the original model - This is an excellent way of checking that all the necessary form has been removed and is another reason why or programs are so reliable.

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Collision checking

Apart from checking our programs with visualisation tools. All our programs are checked for gouges and collisions with the shank and chuck.

This is set up by default by our macro system so this check runs automatically on every program.

So with your cutter geometry stored in our customer tool library and the required tool length automatically and clearly shown on our data sheet.

There is very little that can go wrong!


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