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Are you looking for a professional company who are efficient, cost effective and will give you an excellent service with a quick response and superb value for money? Then look no further.

Is a fast response important to you?  We are not a large company, so your custom,  no matter how big or small a job, is very important to us, so you can be assured of  fast personal attention at all times.

Do you need to know costs up-front?  We believe in providing  clear up-front quotations for the work that we undertake ensuring that there is no hidden surprises 

Do you want to work with an established company for peace of mind? We are now enjoying our 10th year of trading during which we have seen steady (but not reckless) growth providing a stable platform for our business.

Want to be sure that you data is safe and secure? Hardware and software firewalls, antivirus, dual backup systems and an archive policy that keeps data in 3 separate physical locations ensures that your data is safe from hackers and disasters.

Tooling Design Services

Jig and fixture design: Let us design you jigs and fixtures quickly & cost effectively.  We can rapidly create models, assemblies and drawings of the jig or fixture. 

Mould tool die modelling:  Many years experience with mould tools enables us to create optimum split faces, check and repair undercuts and add draft as necessary to your components preparing them for manufacture .

Electrode modelling: Haven't got time to model all those electrodes for you die blocks? Need to get the electrodes onto your CNC machine quicker? - We can model them for you . Find out here how our unique Trode  Wizard software helps us model electrodes quickly and easily.

Composite tool modelling: Composites are being used more and more in industries such as aerospace & motorsport. We can help you create the tooling necessary. For more info click here.

Jigs & Fixtures
Die modelling
Electrode modelling
Composite tools
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There is no substitute for experience when it comes to designing jigs fixtures and tooling

Just being able to operate the software won't do.

Our software is excellent for producing clear data and drawings  quickly and efficiently but it is our engineering backgrounds that enable us to design jigs fixtures and tooling that  will help you streamline  the manufacturing process and maximise your profits



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