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Are you looking for a professional company who are efficient, cost effective and will give you an excellent service with a quick response and superb value for money? - Then look no further.

Is a fast response important to you?  We are not a large company, so your custom,  no matter how big or small a job, is very important to us, so you can be assured of  fast personal attention at all times.

Do you need to know costs up-front?  We believe in providing  clear up-front quotations for the work that we undertake ensuring that there is no hidden surprises 

Do you want to work with an established company for peace of mind? We are now enjoying our 10th year of trading during which we have seen steady (but not reckless) growth providing a stable platform for our business.

Need rock solid reliable programs? The cost of scrapped  jobs and replacement materials can seriously damage the profitability of projects. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our programs are as near to 100% reliable as possible, Click here to find out how we achieve this.

Want to be sure that you data is safe and secure? Hardware and software firewalls, antivirus, dual backup systems and an archive policy that keeps data in 3 separate physical locations ensures that your data is safe from hackers and disasters.

CNC Programming Services

3D machining: There are good reasons why our machining programs are so reliable Click here to find out how you can benefit from our expertise.

4 & 5 Axis machining: We can provide top quality 4 & 5 axis programs to help you make the most out of your investment. All programs can be checked using full machine tool simulation to avoid collisions and travel over-runs

2D machining: The same high standards and reliability apply to all our toolpaths 3D or 2D. So many components are created as computer models nowadays that is makes sense to create the programs direct from the models to cut out human error and save time.

High speed machining: Many of our customers are enjoying the benefit of high speed machining but need extra programming capacity to keep up with these rapid machines. We can help you get the most out of your investment.

Electrode modelling and machining: You won't have any problems with thin ribs bending or breaking, poor surface finish or lack of information on where to position electrodes machined by us. For more information click here.

Mould die machining: Good surface finish and accurate shut-off faces are 2 of the most important aspects to die machining. Many years experience is essential here to deal with the infinitely varied shapes and forms. 

Program verification: This is where, not only do you need great verification tools on your software, but there is no substitute for the experienced programmers eye to spot potential problems. Find out how we cope here.

3D Machining
2D Machining
4 & 5 Axis Machining
High speed Machining
EDM Electrodes
Die machining
Program Verification
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Worried about the costs of subcontract CNC programming work?

Don't be! Contact us now for a risk free quotation for the work you require.

 We can provide clear and accurate information of the work we will provide and the cost involved.

We know that engineering in the UK has to be super-efficient to survive against aggressive competition from overseas.
We operate a continuous policy of working to keep overheads and operating costs to a minimum so we  can pass on any cost saving to you; ensuring that you  get the best value for money possible.



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