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Are you looking for a professional  design company that are efficient, cost effective and will give you an excellent service with a quick response and superb value for money? Then look no further.

Is a fast response important to you?  We are not a large company, so your custom,  no matter how small a job, is very important to us, so you can be assured of  fast personal attention at all times.

Do you need to know costs up-front?  We believe in providing  clear up-front quotations for the work that we undertake ensuring that there is no hidden surprises 

Do you want to work with an established company for peace of mind? We are now enjoying our 10th year of trading during which we have seen steady (but not reckless) growth providing a stable platform for our business.

Have you an existing design you need to modify? Even if the design was created in a CAD system that we do not use we can read files from most  of the top CAD systems to preserve your existing  design investment.

CAD Services

Concept in CAD: Click here to find out about  concept in CAD - A way to cut out a costly step in the product design cycle.

Do you need help designing a new product?  We can provide help right from the initial concept through to production.

Solid and surface modelling: Find out here how, by using carefully selected software and expert users, we can provide a modelling service that is accurate and excellent value for money.

Drafting services: Either from models and assemblies that we have created or from your own data, we can quickly create full engineering drawings dimensioned and annotated to your requirements. Click here to find out more

Rapid prototypes: Need a physical model of your product? - No computer modelling & images can completely substitute having the part 'in your hand' Click here for more information.

Injection Moulded Parts: Tooling for moulded parts in plastics or metal  is an expensive investment. How do you ensure that the toolmaker you choose is capable and reliable. Let us help - find out more here.

Examples: Click here to see examples of our work.

Design Concept
Solid Modelling
Drafting Sevices
Rapid Prototypes
Moulded Parts 
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Worried about the costs of sub contract CAD work?

Don't be! Contact us now for a risk free quotation for the work you require.

 We can provide clear and accurate information of the work we will provide and the cost involved.

We operate a policy of keeping overheads and operating costs to a minimum so we can pass on any cost saving to our customers ensuring that you get great value for money.



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