From 2D drawings or Solid model data


If your CNC operator is still programming your machines manually standing at the control - You could be wasting valuable resources.

Most items that require CNC machining nowadays either supplied with a 2D CAD drawing or a solid CAD model.  It makes sense to use this data directly to produce programs for the part rather than using the dimensions from the drawing entered manually.

  • It  frees up your engineer to do other more productive work.
  • It cut down on the possibility of human error made on transferring the dimensions to the control.
  • It frees up your valuable CNC machine for production (if it's not capable of  running and being programmed at the same time).
  • It allows you to stockpile programs to make the most of your CNC capacity.Drill
Why not  let us take care of the programming. We can work directly from your CAD model or 2D CAD data. We can accept many different formats: DXF & DWG for 2D drawings. Iges, STEP, ACIS, VDA & Parasolids for 3D data plus many native file formats including: Solidworks, ProE, Unigraphics, Ideas, Catia, Solidedge, Inventor Cimatron, Rhino, Delcam and others.Plate

Every program is supplied with a setting sheet to show you the datum used, the orientation and some key check dimensions and a data sheet that shows the cutters and the parameters used (feed, speed, cutter length etc.) and the machining time.

Just email your drawing or model to us for a free, no obligation, quote.
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Setting and Data sheets

The setting and Data sheets that we supply with all our programs are generated automatically by our own software.Setting sheet

At Alphatech we have a unique method of running our machining software. Over the past 10 years we have developed a complete system to run alongside our machining software.

This system allows us, to run the software through pre-stored macros with the added flexibility of variables, loops and built-in functions. In short, this allows us to build a library of macro code that we can test, perfect , store and re-use time and time again. It allows us to create complex sets of machining strategies easily and quickly.Data sheet

While our system is controlling and running our machining software it is constantly storing information about the cutter paths, cutter data and parameters so that when the programming is finished our setting sheet software (also unique to Alphatech) can use this data along with data from our job database to create clear data and setting sheets.

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Jigs & Fixtures
Need special jig or fixture to hold that awkward machined part?

Let us design it for you. We will then be in an ideal position to take  into account any clamps and fixings and allow for these in the programming.

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We have a large library of pre-defined postprocessors almost any CNC machine and can write new, or modify postprocessors for any unusual machines or requirements.



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